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RainbowBestDeal was founded on the principle that good design and product should be accessible to anyone, at any time to make shopping on our site easy and pleasurable.


Founded in 2010, we have a creative vision combined with technology which is inspired by love and passion for design. That vision was to offer the best and endless options in Home furnishings & Decor, Beauty & Jewelry, Kitchen & Office equipment, Plumbing & Automotive, Electronics & Video games directly to the consumers at considerable savings.


We strive to do our best in setting the standard for outstanding service, style and an array of choices with our sophisticated e-commerce technology. Our mission is to create an unsurpassed resource of our trade lines at excellent prices.

RainbowBestDeal  bring together the individual and unique styles to create a lifestyle brand that will inspire beautiful decorating in any home.


We are the go-to source for the everyday consumers, builders, architects and professional interior designers who seek seeking contemporary innovative home furnishings, decor art, plumbing, electronics and office accessories from around the world.  These lines are considered today’s most sought after lines within the interior design community.  We carry variety of the best-known brands in the US.


Presently we carry over 80,000 products on our website, most are available to ship within 48 hours or less.  Our selection of national brands, unique style and the latest technology has allowed RainbowBestDeal to become a major resource for designer home furnishing & decor.


With the highest level of customer service, quality products, and sophisticated web technology, RainbowBestDeal specializes in style, luxury and plumbing offering products that were once only available to the trade at considerable savings.  


RainbowBestDeal  invite you to shop a world of luxury and beauty from the privacy of your home or office. Visit our website and see the outstanding collections we are able to offer the most discriminating clients. We welcome and encourage customer feedback so that we may better our operations.


Shop Securely - We have invested in one of the most secure online resources to protect your identity while shopping on our site. We use a 128 bit SSL encryption in our secure checkout to make sure that your information is protected.

Competitive Pricing - We strive to make sure that our products are sold below market rate. Customers have the option of sending in a price match request on our website, and we will do our best to match or beat the price as long as it will not compromise our service level.

Best in Customer Service - We take customer service very seriously. All of our staff is trained to provide attentive, intuitive customer service. We take your feedback very seriously and use that to continue to train and improve our staff.

Hassle-Free Return Policy - If for whatever reason you are not happy with your purchase, we will accept the return within 30 days. Please go to our standard Return Policy to read specific details on the process.

Large Selection of Items - Unlike brick and mortar stores who are limited by space, we have the ability to sell an unlimited amount of products. 


RainbowBestDeal is an authorized dealer for all the brands listed on our web sites.