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FARMACIA SANTISSIMA ANNUNZIATA - Scented Candle - Seta 190g/6.7oz



A luxurious, delicately-scented candleMade with high quality raw materialsOptimizes burn & fragrance diffusionPerfumes any room with a soft, appealing fragranceCreates a warm & cozy atmosphereHoused in an elegant glass vase & wick in harmonic wood ideal as a home decorHandmade in ItalyDimensions: W 8.66” x D 8.66” x H 4.92”Available in a range of scents for selectionCaution: Burn on a heat resistant surface. Do not drop foreign matter or wick-trimmings into candle. Burn in an open area away from drafts. Keep candle burning within sight. Keep out of reach of children & pets